iDataFax 2014.1.2

You can download the iDataFax 2014.1.2 client by clicking on the following link iDataFax 2014.1.2 client download and provide your iDataFax login id, study affiliation, and site number if you know it. Upon entering this information you will be prompted to download and save the iDataFax 2014.1.2 client.

If you are participating in more than one PHRI study using iDataFax, please list all study names and all centre IDs in the appropriate fields.

If you are having issues, please reference the troubleshooting guide for resolutions to common problems

DFsend 2014.1.1

The DFSend application allows users to transmit scanned PDF study documents to a DataFax study server over the internet, without requiring access to a specific study database. DFSend includes user authentication, encryption, confirmation and tracking needed to meet today’s security and regulatory requirements, and provides a safe, reliable and cost-effective alternative to faxing or emailing study data forms to any study on the DataFax server.

You can download DFsend by clicking on the following link DFsend 2014.1.1 client download